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Commercial Roofing

Winston Roofing appreciates that your business needs to be operational during the roof repair or replacement time, we therefore do our best to keep all the entrances open and safe as well as the intrusion on parking areas to minimum. While Commercial flat roofs present a great trial for the roofers with large flat areas and all the necessary equipment and machinery oftentimes located on the roof, our employees have the experience and skills to tackle the most complicated jobs in a timely manner.

Torch Down Roofing
Torch down roofing is a superior alternative to tar and gravel roofing, and provides added strength to flat roofing systems thay are estimated to last up to 25 years.

Thermo-plastic Polyolefin Roofing Membranes (TPO):
A cost-effective single ply roofing system composed of a plastic membrane ideally suited for large commercial projects
Applied using either a mechanically-fastened or fully-adhered glue system requiring no heat
Environmentally friendly roofing as it involves reduced emissions from equipment, fewer petroleum-based products and causes less waste in landfills
Lowers energy bills as its reflective design increases insulation
Ideal recovery system because of its low per square foot weight

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